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Fuerteventura Villas La Isla Bonita - Location details...

Fuerteventura map, golf villas in Caleta de Fustes Canary IslandsFuerteventura Villas La Isla Bonita Villa Gomera and Villa El Hierro are located on the newly developed Fuerteventura golf club near the small town of El Castillo (Caleta de Fustes) on the east coast of the island of Fuerteventura. The luxury villas accommodation are centrally located for exploring the whole island.

15 minute taxi ride from Fuerteventura airport.
Gomera 1Km and El Hierro 2km from the beach and marina / port area at Caleta de Fustes where diving and water sports are available.
Gomera 1Km and El Hierro 2km from Caleta's wide range of bars, restaurants and shops.
15 minutes by car from Fuerteventura's capital, Puerto Del Rosario.
Gomera 2 minute and El Hierro 5 minute walk from the golf club house, first tee, practice range and 5 star bars / restaurants.
1- 2 minutes by car to a large commercial centre which includes: numerous high quality bars & restaurants, a multiplex cinema, a large supermarket (like Tescos), kids activities bowling / amusements. All set beside lovely gardens by the ocean.
A petrol station and McDonalds have just opened at the entrance to Fuerteventura golf course across the road from the commercial centre.

The island of Fuerteventura is circa, 100km in length is only 84 km from the African coast, and with a total area of 1,731 square kilometres, it is the second largest of the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands group consists of 7 large islands and 6 smaller ones or reefs, stretching approx. 500 km from east to west (2738' to 2925' longitude north) and more than 200 km from north to south (1320' and 189' latitude west), and covering an area of 7499 square kilometres in all.

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Canary Islands luxury holiday, golf in Fuerteventura, villa accommodation
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