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Flying to Fuerteventura from Ireland or the UKů Flight options to La Isla Bonita, luxury villas, on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, from Ireland or UK
You can book (charter) flight - only offers by contacting your local travel agent. The travel agents in the UK and Ireland will check availability with all the tour operators offering flights into Fuerteventura from your nearest airport.

From Ireland a new site has been launched by Sunway Travel at www.holidaysonline.ie . Also check out their own site www.sunway.ie  . Both have great flight only deals to the island throughout the year.

Flight availability to the villas on the Island from UK airports is fantastic!! From Ireland there are less options but if you shop around you should get affordable flights throughout the year (see below for some more flight booking ideas).

During peak season from Ireland you can expect to pay between Euro 250 and Euro 400 per person. The flight prices from the UK are significantly cheaper because of the better availability.

If you are having difficulties getting flight only deals for the dates you want other ideas include:

First port of call contact us at [email protected] and we will try to facilitate the flights on your behalf to La Isla Bonita villas on Fuerteventura.
Check out a company called " The Foreign Office" who often have an allocation of direct flights available to Fuerteventura at very reasonable prices from Irish and UK airports. Phone 00 34 928 17 50 23 , Email [email protected]
Check out www.flightline.co.uk for flights from the UK including Belfast. Irish visitors can book cheap flights out of Belfast International Airport through this website. You can also book very reasonably priced car hire on the site.
From UK check out firstchoice.co.uk and www.airflights.co.uk  to book flights online. They fly direct to the island from a number of UK airports and seem to have great availability to Fuerteventura all year round.
From Ireland a new site has been launched by Sunway Travel at www.holidaysonline.ie . It has great flight only deals to the island throughout the year.
Having problems with a flight only deal - Book a package sun holiday online or through your travel agent to Fuerteventura. These are surprisingly cheap with the price often comparable to the flight only offers.
You're desperate for the La Isla Bonita Villa but can't get to the Island direct then as a "Last resort" - Fly to Lanzarote airport (Arrecife), make your way down to Playa Blanca and get the car ferry across to Fuerteventura. The ferry takes about 40 mins to Corralejo and the Villas are located a further 30 minute drive south from there. It will cost you about Euro 50 one way for the car and the family. Don't hire you're car until you are on the Island of Fuerteventura as sometimes the insurance terms prevent you taking it between Canary islands.
Really want the La Isla Bonita Villa and all else has failed - through your travel agent you can book a scheduled airline flight from Dublin, Cork or Belfast to the Island which may necessitate flying through London and / or Madrid.

Car Hire on Fuerteventura …
Car hire options for stay at La Isla Bonita, luxury villas, on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
To ensure you get the best deal we would advise that you book your car before you travel to the Villas on Fuerteventura, particularly during peak season. There are a number of car hire companies at the airport and in Caleta de Fustes itself. For advance online bookings we would recommend holidayautos.co.uk (part of lastminute group). We have also booked good car deals through flightline.co.uk.

We would also recommend Canary Island Cars (CICAR) at Fuerteventura airport who can be contacted on 00 34 928 86 05 76 or via Email [email protected].Their Central Reservations number is 00 34 928 822 900.

Alternatively get in touch with us and we will put you onto our representatives at Homecare Fuerteventura who can organise everything for you in advance of you arrival at the villa on the island. Please book your flights well in advance to ensure that you can travel when you need to!!

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